Rising to the occasion

“If Easter is to have any real meaning for us, we will humbly need to seek God’s help in rising from the ashes…  Rising to new life involves reinventing ourselves in ways that will contribute to first of all waking up ourselves and then waking up the world at our doorstep.” Read More        


Easter Sunday

That “Don’t cling to me!” is key to understanding John’s resurrection story.  John is telling us that following Jesus is a life-long process that involves losing him whenever we slip into thinking that we have finally captured him or that we have fully grasped what he is all about.  Read More          


Holy Week

Walking through Holy Week is a powerful and life shaping experience. It is a liturgical (ritualistic) way of participating in the death of Jesus and the Life of our God.

Read More          

ERN Farming

2014-Year of Family Farming

Family farms may be small, but globally they play a huge role. And their smallness brings many advantages, which are a worthy subject for our Lenten reflection. Read More          


An evolving Congregation

Evolution is more than a topic or fad. It sheds new light on everything, provides a wider context for understanding the costliness of life, and invites us to a forward-looking perspective: “the God who is calling us into the fullness of life is ahead, not behind us”. Read More        

Victor Salvador


Tercera generación

Edmund Rice education has reached its ‘third generation’, and at its best the Lay Age is taking it to new levels of fidelity and authenticity. La educación en la tradición de Edmunndo Rice ha llegado a su ‘tercera generación’, y en su mejor mejor expresión la Era de los Laicos está llevándola a nuevos niveles de fidelidad y autenicidad. Read More      

 The 31st Congregation Chapter of the Christian Brothers in Nairobi announces the names of the Congregation Leadership Team:

Congregation Leader: Hugh O'Neill cfc

Deputy Congregation Leader: Peter Dowling cfc

Councillors: Julian McDonald cfc, John Casey cfc, Richard Walsh cfc

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  • Men for others Men for others
    Nine young men from St Leo’s College, Brisbane, Australia, travelled to India late in 2013 for an immersion experience, described here in their own words.
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