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Edmund Mary(All read the bold part of the prayer, and the readers alternate in reading the italic sections - please pray this very slowly)

Our Father ... who always stands with the weak, the powerless, the poor, the abandoned, those that must sneak off to "the hedgerow schools" of our day, hiding their lamps under bushel baskets.

Who art in heaven ... where everything will be reversed; where the first will be last and the last will be first; where Mary, Edmund's wife and his daughter and all our beloved dead will greet us and welcome us home,' where grieving will be no more.

Hallowed by thy name ... for you are a God who desires intimacy with us,' who calls each of us by name and calls each of us "my beloved son" and "my beloved daughter,'" who called Edmund to pray and mourn and steep himself in holy scripture and the spirituality of a God who has many "interior castles " for each of us.

Thy kingdom come ... a kingdom where we wake up to our destinies in you; where we find Edmund and the early brothers struggling to teach young people just as we struggle "to do and to teach."

Thy will be done ... open our freedom, to let you in, so that the complete love that flows through and Edmund to listen to your will in times of great struggle. Help us also to listen with constancy and great sensitivity

On earth as in heaven ... may the work of our hands, the schools and temples and structures we build in this world, reflect the values of heaven which are joy, graciousness, tenderness and justice. Make us all truly brothers and sisters.

Give us this day ... Not tomorrow. Do not let us put off being whole and holy, being your face to our students and the world, being, like Edmund, men and women who seek out the prisoner, the disenfranchised and the "Black Johnny" in our midst. *

Our daily bread ... which you have become in us, in all, in Eucharist and in the bread of the hospitality which Edmund showed and lived whether in the shoe shop, the bakery, the business office or the classroom.

And forgive us our trespasses ... forgive us our blindness toward each other. Help us really see the person in front of us as your face and not just as a burden. Forgive our racism, our sexism, our incurable propensity to fret about tomorrow and help us in Edmund's own words to know deeply that "providence is our inheritance."

As we forgive those who trespass against us ... God forbid us to grow bitter in spirit or despairing and even when we are maligned by our own as Edmund was, help us to forgive, to bless and not curse. Why? Because that is exactly what you did Jesus!

And lead us not into temptation ... for none of us is without sin.

But deliver us from evil ... that is, from the blindness that lets us not see ourselves, each other, and our wounded world as brothers and sisters, saints in training, lovers in the Holy Trinity, sons and daughters of Mother Mary, disciples of a God who called Edmund and all of us to a reality that we can only imagine.

Amen ... I believe, Yes Lord, Maranatha, Jesus, live in our hearts forever!

Contributor: Al Widziewicz