Here is an opportunity to find out about the latest developments in Formation programmes in India.

Novitiate and Orientation Programme, Bhopal

India 1Parag DCosta, Daniel Sad, Mukesh Soreng, Abhinash Aind, John Dang, Elton Fernandes and Frank Gale

Abinash Aind writes:
I am from Odisha. I actually wanted to join some priesthood congregation because these religious people are known to everyone in my region. I knew only priests who worked for the welfare of the society and for the poor people. I did not know anything about the Christian Brothers. I joined this congregation when I was inspired by Br. Sameer in a vocation camp. As I lived with the Brothers I came to know many things about them. I liked the way they relate with the people and their teaching. I have spent almost four years with the Brothers now and know many of them. They are very talented. They are good at playing guitar, singing, doing craft work, cooking etc. These types of things  inspire me to continue in the Brothers and I also want to become like them. At the moment I am in Bhopal doing my Orientation programme. I am happy to be here.   

John Dang writes:
I am 20 years old. I have five members in my family. I am from Jharkhand and its district Simdega. I studied in Brothers school in Bongera, where I was taught by many Brothers. I was really impressed by their teaching, their living style, socializing with all the people without any discrimination. When I saw these things I also felt like to do similar things with the brothers. Therefore I told Br. Sameer about my desire to join Christian Brothres and through him I joined. Now I am very happy to be in the Brothers. Presently I am in doing pre-noviciate course in Bhopal.

Mukesh Soreng writes:
I am from Odisha and my district is Sundargarh. In my family we are six members - my parents , two brothers , a sister and myself.
In 2015 I went to a vocation camp in Kalunga and there I met Br. Sameer and a few candidates. I was inspired by the words of Br. Sameer and showed interest in joining the congregation. Thereafter Br. Sameer called me for a vocation camp in Kolkata for three days. In that vocation camp some brothers came to interact with us and they told us about the brothers. They do teaching, social work and running big institutions.  This conversation attracted me to join the brothers. So,I joined it in May 2015. Now I am here in Bhopal and am doing my orientation programme.

Edmund Rice House, Bajpe

India ERH BajpeBipin Aind, Sanjoy Lugun, Mathew Barla, Sunil Topno, Rohit Aind, Dilip Kerketta & Rashal Barla

Bipin Aind:
I’m from Assam. I'm doing my final year degree studies from Pompei College Mangalore. I joined the Brothers in 2016. We are four children to our parents. I’m the last one. Two of my brothers are married and have their own family. My sister supports me. I like my studies and want to work with the poor in the future. I’m looking forward to joining the Novitiate in June.

Sanjoy Lugun:
I’m from from Assam. We are six in the family. My parents and three siblings. I’m doing my B.A studies from Pompei College, Aikala, Mangalore. It's four years since I joined the Brothers. I always had a desire to serve the needy. I’m quite happy to be a part of the Christian Brother family.

Mathew Barla: 
I’m from from Assam. I joined the Brothers four years ago. After completing one year of English studies in Bhopal, I joined Edmund Rice Study House in Bajpe to do my Pre University studies. I’m pursuing my degree studies from Pompei College Mangalore. I’m the youngest of the six children. I’m interested in singing, music, games and cooking.

Sunil Topno:
I’m from from Jharkhand. I have two sisters and an elder brother. I’m pursuing my degree studies from Pompei college Aikala. I joined the Brothers four years ago. I’m interested in teaching.

Rohit Aind:
I come  from a place called  Rajgangpur in Odisha. I am doing my second B.A studies from Pompei College, Aikala. We are seven in the family. Grandparents, parents, elder brother, younger sister and myself. I love the peace in my family. I’m with the brothers for the last four years. I’m interested in guitar and football.

Dilip Kerketta:
I’m from from Jharkhand: We are five in the family. Father, mother, brother, sister and myself. I joined the Brothers in 2014. I find great support and encouragement from brothers, especially when I’m worried and disappointed. I’m doing my second year degree from Pompei College. I’m doing well in studies and co-curricular activities.

Rashal Barla:
I’m from from North Lakhimpur, Assam. I’m 23 years old. I joined the Brothers in July, 2014 in Bhopal. In the first year I learnt English and attended the orientation programme. I came to Bajpe to Edmund Rice Study house three years ago. In May I will be completing my graduation. I’m looking forward to joining the Novitiate in Bhopal soon.

Scholasticate Study House, Shillong

Shillong 2019L-R: Clement Topno, Shing Augustine, Ranjeet Kujur and Riborlang Nongsiej

I am Clement Topno from Simdega (Jharkhand). I have one brother and two sisters. I live in the study house in Shillong and I'm completing my graduation. I have another year left to finish college. My favourite game is football. In the year 2014 we had a vocation camp in our local Parish Church. I came to hear about the Brothers during this camp and wanted to join this group. I am happy here and pray that I may grow in my vocation.

I am Shing Augustine. I belong to Maram tribe in Manipur, India. I love to play music and sing. I am a fan of music. I also love to play games, especially Basketball. I like to do new things and I am open to any new ideas and activities. I love taking risks and like to learn and grow from my mistakes. I am completing my graduation this year. I am discerning concerning my vocation and pray that God will continue to guide me wherever I am.

My name is Ranjeet Kujur from Odisha. I have two elder brothers and a younger sister. I am third in the family. Before I came to join the Study House in Shillong, I was in the formation house for priesthood for 3 weeks. I left there and contacted the Brothers and joined in the year 2014. I did my English Course in the Study House in Bhopal, then my Higher Secondary from Shillong, then a year of Orientation in the Brothers in Bhopal and now I am in the second-year degree college.

My name is Riborlang Nongsiej. I am 23 years old and I am from Mairang village in Meghalaya. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. My father passed away recently and have only my mum. I have been with the brothers as an aspirant for the last 5 years. Now I am living in the Scholasticate and studying second year degree college. I love to play football and like to sing.

MIQ Study House, Shillong

MIQ STUDY HOUSE SHILLONGSonshine Marshiangbai, Sajit Surin, Romanius Dhanwar and Anjlus Dang.

Hi, I am Sonshine L Marshiangbai. I come from a village called Nongkasai in Meghalaya. At home we are 5 brothers and one sister. My parents are simple village farmers and have brought us up in a loving home. I am studying in class 12 in St. Edmund’s Higher Secondary School, in Shillong. I stay in the Study House along with three other candidates. I am interested in reading magazines, playing games, travelling, meeting people and learning different cultures and traditions. I pray and hope to be a brother and work for people who are poor.

My name is Sajit Surin and I am from Jharkhand. I am doing the English Course in the Study House in Shillong. I completed my class 12 from the Junior college in our village. My goal is to learn English, complete my studies so that I can do well in the mission of the Christian Brothers.  I like playing football and basketball. After I finish the English course, I want to go to the Study House in Bajpe and do my graduation. Hope and pray that God will guide me in my journey.

I am Romanius Dhanwar. I am from Assam which is situated in the northeast of India. We are four members in our family. My mother, elder sister, elder brother and myself. I came to hear about the Brothers when they came to our village for a vocation camp. On hear about this story and the life of the Brothers I wanted to join Religious Life. I am now in the Study House in Shillong doing the English Course. I like being here and love to play football and read story books. I am looking forward to doing my class 11 and 12 in Bajpe after completing the English Course.

My name is Anjlus Dang. I was born in a small village named Domtali, in Jharkhand. I completed my class 10 education at the local school. During a vocation camp I got interested and inspired by listening to the story of Blessed Edmund Rice and the work of the Brothers in India. Therefore, last year I decided to come to the study house in Shillong to learn the English language which we hope to complete by the end of May 2019. I plan to go to the Bajpe Study house to do my 11 and 12. I am happy here and pray that God will strengthen me to do well.