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The Congregation’s path to renewal and transformation, Our Way into the Future, challenges us to “find new ways of being Brother for the world” while allowing “the agenda of the world to be our agenda.” In North America, the Brothers have attempted to do this by what is called the Mission Frère initiatives.

The Mission Frère Initiatives focus on providing ministerial and educational opportunities assisting the poor, the marginalized and youth. They are not bound by geography, nor are they created with bricks and mortar. Rather, they offer opportunities for new ways of being Brother that are fluid and life-giving and that evolve as the needs of those being served evolve. At present, there are 5 initiatives in operation.

Mission Frère Harlem
Directed by Brothers John Casey and Ben McDonough, this operates out of the Christian Brothers Community residence in East Harlem, NY. It provides hospitality to those ministering in both Central and East Harlem. The Brothers involved do volunteer work in these areas, in already existing programs. A goal is to eventually use the residence for short-term immersion experiences in NYC and for longer-term volunteer opportunities for young adults.

Mission Frère-Harlem serves those in need and those who minister to them. It strives to be aware of the Spirit in the lives of those involved through prayer and contemplation. The Brothers are especially committed to hospitality and collaboration, to support and mentoring and to awareness and affirmation of our sisters and brothers, both those who serve and are served. Mission Frère-Harlem serves the poor through direct service, volunteer ministry, mentoring and advocacy. It facilitates retreats to Catholic schools and extends hospitality to co-workers, other Religious and lay persons. It offers opportunities for vocational discernment, volunteer service and immersion, especially to young adults.

Mission Frère Advocacy
Directed by Mr. Sean D’Alfonso, this is a direct response to the Chapter Call “to engage in advocacy with the voiceless, the marginalized and all that are oppressed.” The mission of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers Mission Frère-Advocacy program is to create an awareness of and to advocate for the needs of those most marginalized in our society.

Its goal is to create a more just, peaceful and equitable world by being faithful to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice. It fosters presence, compassion and liberation in collaboration with the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Province, the members of the Consortium of Edmund Rice Schools and all who are inspired by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice in the North American Edmund Rice Network. A quarterly publication – NorAm – helps to spread the message.

Our advocacy efforts include:

  • Work at the United Nations and with Edmund Rice International
  • Province Mission Education and Immersion program in collaboration with our North American schools and our Latin American Region
  • Action Alerts on topics such as immigration, Catholic school education, the Right to Life for all, the Dream Act, etc.
  • A quarterly newsletter – NorAm – that attempts to share the good news of the service and advocacy works taking place around the Province.

Mission Frère Haiti
Directed by Brother Kevin Griffith and Mr. Sean D’Alfonso, this is an outgrowth of MF-Advocacy. Haiti is the poorest country in our hemisphere. It is adversely affected by hurricanes, earthquakes, government mismanagement, and sometimes US policies that stand in the way of progress.

Mission Frère-Haiti seeks to be a presence to the people of Haiti and to advocate on behalf of the needs of the poor in Haiti. The Mission Frère-Haiti initiative has raised monies through the sale of Haitian art, created by local Haitian artisans, to support the ministries(school, orphanage and mobile clinic) of the Sisters of Jesus and Mary in Jean Rabel, Haiti. It works in collaboration with Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY) and Archbishop McCarthy H. S. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) to provide immersion experiences for students from these schools in Le Borgne, Haiti. The immersions focus on service while in Haiti and advocacy once home.

Mission Frère Edmund Rice Young Adult Ministry
Directed by Brother Tim Smyth, the Mission Frère-Edmund Rice Young Adult Ministry focuses on providing leadership development programs for young adults.

It has been embraced by the Province Office of Educational Services, and it is intended to facilitate the continuity of student participation in engagements such as: The ACTION Student Leadership Workshop, mission immersions, volunteer services, vocation discernment and faith development. It provides opportunities for peer interaction, community engagement, advocacy, shared ministry and prayer for young adults who have heard the call of the Gospel in their Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education.

This ministry encompasses:

  • follow-up contact with students who attend ACTION and/or school immersion/mission trips
  • volunteer opportunities
  • vocation discernment/promoting vocations to our Brotherhood
  • college contacts with graduates of Christian Brother high schools

Mission Frère-Miami
Directed by the Christian Brothers Community in Miami, this has been recently established as an outreach to the Haitian and other immigrant communities in Miami, FL.

Our Brothers in Miami minister at the St. Mary’s School and Parish in Little Haiti, as well as at Catholic Legal Services of Miami. They teach ESL; they coordinate a school resource center; they assist with a food bank; and they provide services to immigrants.

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