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The 23rd of February, 2018 saw the initiation ritual of eight fine young men who have decided to continue their discernment process to become Christian Brothers in the service to both humanity and the whole of God’s creation. These enthusiastic men are from four nationalities namely; Liberia, Kenya, The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

During their two-year novitiate experience, they will be accompanied by the ISC formation team. After a month orientation program, both the team and the novices are poised for the full swing of the novitiate program and started classes on 26th February 2018.

John Holden from the Hub community led a host of brothers for the acceptance of the young men into the novitiate program. Chris Nhete from the District Leadership team gave a word of welcome and encouraged them to feel at home in ISC and to contribute meaningfully to their new community. He also invited them to use the diversity in the group to their advantage and to be aware of their steps as they step into a holy ground of the novitiate and the local people of the area. Chris in his final statement urged them to seize the novitiate as an opportunity to learn and discover a lot more about the place of God in their lives and what is it to be a Christian Brother.

Daniel Lyimo, Novice Master poured out libation to the biological ancestors of the young men as well as the ancestors of the Congregation to acknowledge that this event does so by “standing on their shoulders”.

In response the young men sang and danced. They each presented their symbols of new life and read their personal statement of commitment to the novitiate program. A response from the formation team thanked the novices and in return, presented to each novice, a bible, the Constitution and a book of daily readings. The program continued outside with chatting and refreshments.

By Br. Patrick Nuanah

Philemon SesayPhilemon Sesay is my name. I come from Port Loko, Sierra Leone.
I came to learn of the Christian Brothers in 2008 through my uncle who was sort of their link for vocation promotion in Port Loko. My passion to join the Brothers reached its climax years later. I am very happy to be in the novitiate and hope to benefit all that the program has for me in my vocation journey.

Frederick Odhiambo AderoMy name is Frederick Odhiambo Adero. I come from Homa Bay in Kenya.
I came to know about the brothers in 2014, while I was in college through Br. Sammy Munyua during a vocation promotion. Later I shared correspondences with Br. Peter Cole until I decided to join. I hope to enjoy the transformation that this novitiate program would offer as I grow into the charism of the Christian Brothers.

Boniface SambouI am Boniface Sambou from Bwiam, The Gambia. I heard of the Christian Brothers through a friend, Johnathan Kamara, and later communicated to Br. Walter Vaz on Facebook, who then linked me to the Brothers in Sierra Leone. I kept contact through social media with passed vocation directors like, Br. Paul Mendy, Br. Joseph Turay and Br. Pascal Gibba until my postulancy program in 2017.  I hope to enjoy the novitiate program and to be transformed for the world as I discern my vocation as a Christian Brother.

Edwin AlphaMy name is Edwin Alpha from Boajibu in Sierra Leone. 
I first encountered the Christian brothers in Blama, in 2012. Br. Pascal Gibba was the contact person. My hope in the Novitiate is to be open to the process as I respond to the call as a Christian Brother.


Josephat Mutua MuthokaMy name is Josephat Mutua Muthoka from Emali- Makueni County Kenya.
I came into contact with the Christian Brothers in 2013 through a cousin of mine who is with the de la Salle Brothers. Later I met the vocation director Br. Peter Cole who then invited me for a come and see program.
During this time of novitiate, I hope to strengthen my faith, and work towards the building of a gospel community.


Gabou BaldehGabou Baldeh is my name, from Banjul, The Gambia.
My contact with the Brothers was 2015 with Br. Pascal Gibba who was on holidays in The Gambia. After hearing a lot about the brothers and the work they do I was moved to start my postulancy. I hope to succeed in the novitiate program through openness for a transformation that deepens my spirituality in becoming a Christian Brother.


Dominic Youconjah GarduahI am Dominic Youconjah Garduah, a Liberian by nationality, from Grand Bassa County.
I got in contact with the Christian brothers while  studying at the Marist international university college in Nairobi, in 2014. I hope to integrate myself well into the novitiate program as I discern to be a Christian Brother.


Koech Victor KiprutohMy name is Koech Victor Kiprutoh. I am from the western part of Kenya, a town called Kapsabet
In 2013, a friend mentioned about religious life which did not bother me until the visit of Br. Sammy Munyua and Br. Daniel Kyalo for vocation promotion. I wish to deepen my understanding of the mystery called God as I discern my vocation as a Christian Brother.



ISC Team 
                         ISC Team: L-R Patrick Nuanah, Henry McGann, Daniel Lyimo, Cornel Mwiru and Senan D’Souza (in absentia)

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